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Finan McDonald opened it’s doors in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho in 1998. As time went on the store outgrew its size and location. In 2015, Vic and Twilla Ford purchased Finan McDonald Clothing Co. and renamed it Finan McDonald at the Lake. In 2019 we completed a major store remodel and expansion.

The Name "Finan McDonald"

A 6′ 5″ wild redheaded Scotsman, Finan McDonald must have been an imposing figure around here back in 1807; when the average height of a man was just over 5′! He was one of the first Europeans to explore this area with the famous surveyor and explorer, David Thompson, and set up and ran many trading posts throughout the Inland Northwest and British Columbia. In many respects, Finan was North Idaho’s first retailer! His great sounding name carries on today with Finan McDonald Clothing Company.

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