From Tulips to Daisies: Celebrate Spring’s Arrival in Spokane with Finan McDonald’s Fashionable Finds


Spring is unfolding its technicolor wings, and if there’s a city that knows how to celebrate the blossoming season, it’s Spokane. The air buzzes with anticipation, not just from the bees but from the locals gearing up for a roster of events that mark the brilliant start of spring. Amidst the crocuses and fruit tree blooms, fashion enthusiasts eagerly prepare for the colors and styles that will adorn the local landscape. Enter Finan McDonald at the Lake, your oasis for premium outdoor clothing and the store known for ‘having everything’ to kick off your spring awakening with sartorial splendor.

Exploring Spokane’s Spring Events

Spokane, known for its breathtaking natural beauty and vibrant community spirit, is gearing up for a slew of spring events that resonate with fashion enthusiasts at heart. From the lilting melodies of the Spokane Symphony’s March concert to the more urban pulse of Bloomsday’s pre-race activities, there’s a festival for every palette. Sprinkle in the arrival of locally renowned food and farmers’ markets, and it’s the perfect cocktail for fashion-centric festivities.

An integral part of Spokane’s spring calendar is the Lilac Bloomsday Run, a 12K event that expects over 40,000 participants. What started as a local tradition has now bloomed into an event that enthralls runners and onlookers alike. Intrinsically tied to the run’s philosophy is the vibrancy of the season, which typically translates into a parade of color as participants and spectators don their springtime finery.

Spotlight on Finan McDonald’s Spring Collection

Right at the heart of this floral fête is Finan McDonald at the Lake with their curated collection that echoes the natural spectacle outside. Situated in the picturesque Coeur d’Alene, Finan McDonald at the Lake has been more than a store since its inception in 1998—it’s a culture. The recent expansion and remodel of the store are a testament to its growing significance in the fashion landscape of the Northwest Lifestyle.

The Spring Collection at Finan McDonald at the Lake is a symphony of organic textures and joyful palettes. From the casual elegance of Threads 4 Thought to the rugged sophistication of Fjallraven, every piece has been chosen with meticulous attention to quality, sustainability, and local relevance. The exclusive collection not only captures the essence of the season but also aligns with the store’s ethos of community and conscious fashion choices.

Dressing for Success: Tips from the Experts

Navigating the transition from Spokane’s grey winter to the vibrant spring requires a savvy approach to fashion. Who better to guide you than local influencers and stylists who breathe style day-in-day-out? The consensus is clear—layering is key. Spring in Spokane is temperamental, and an ensemble that combines a light base layer with versatile mid-layers and waterproof outerwear is advised.

Accentuating your look with accessories that pop adds a playful element to your attire, and be sure to tuck in a hat or a cap in case the skies decide to sprinkle the party. When it comes to footwear, comfort is paramount. While a hint of a heel may amp up your style at the Jazz concerts, it’s smart to have a solid pair of boots ready for Lilac Bloomsday Run’s supporting stroll.

Navigating Spring Shopping in Spokane

Spokane’s local retail scene is as diverse as the flora it ushers in. For a refined spring wardrobe, shoppers can peruse the boutiques scattered through the heart of downtown and stumble upon singular pieces that tell tales of local craftsmanship. Finan McDonald at the Lake stands out as a beacon of inclusivity, sustainability, and customer service.

This season, make a conscious effort to patronize the local retailers, artisans, and designers who are deeply vested in the community. Finan McDonald at the Lake isn’t just offering threads, they’re delivering an experience that echoes the beauty and values of a flourishing Spokane.


With the events lined up and the stores brimming with spring delights, it is undeniable—Spokane is a fashion force to be reckoned with. As the city adorns itself with the colors of the season, there’s no better time to acquaint yourself with the local fashion and the inviting community around it. Plan your wardrobe thoughtfully, attend the events joyfully, and make the most of what Spokane offers this spring. And when in need, remember—Finan McDonald at the Lake eagerly awaits to help you welcome the season in style. Pack your spirit of adventure, pocket your sense of style, and get ready to bloom in Spokane this spring!